It snowed

By: rlogan1155

Dec 19 2011

Category: RV Living - Full Time Experiences

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Are we there yet?

It snowed last night. Not a lot and it probably won’t last the day but it is a portent of things to come.   An issue of living in an RV in cold weather is condensation. There can be a lot of water on the windows especially in the morning, so you spend a lot of time wiping them down, or if you cook something like homemade soup that requires a long simmer, well you get the picture. We solved the problem with a dehumidifier. We run it for a few hours every day, depending on the conditions and end up dumping out several quarts of water at a time.

Our little family includes me,my husband and our dog. Ruth, Mike and Boscoe. He is a 6year old mixed Border Terrier (Boscoe that is) and you don’t need to know how old we are. After living in the same house for 36 years we sold it and bought our Titanium Fifth wheel and dually truck. Our only regret is that we didn’t get rid of our stuff because we weren’t sure we would like the lifestyle. Our stuff is in a 40 ft. storage container and I not sure we ever want to go back to a “bricks and mortar” home. So there it sits and we’re paying storage fees on it and it seems like a daunting task to get rid of it now. We visit or “stuff” now and then and its fine but its just “stuff”.



the intrepid climber

We all live in a yellow submarine!


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