Getting ready for winter

By: rlogan1155

Dec 16 2011

Category: RV Living - Full Time Experiences


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December 16, 2011 and counting

There are as many reasons for wintering in an RV as there are people who RV. Most commonly people love the lifestyle but one or both are still working, some are widowed or single and it’s a simple way to live,some have elderly family members they want to be near  or like us there are health issues that keep them close to the Canadian health system. We love the lifestyle and have spent the last two winters in Mission Texas and miss the warm weather and all the good friends we have made on our travels.

Milton Heights Campground is the only campground in southern Ontario that is open year round.Right now there are 36 units camped here for the winter. The important thing about staying in an RV in the winter months is keeping  the cold out. Most of the trailers have insulated the perimeter,we have just finished our fifth wheel and it’s made a real difference.  Our water hose is wrapped with an electrified tape and insulation to prevent the water from freezing. We also have a mattress heater to keep us cozy at night and have even purchased Milwaukee battery operated jackets to keep us warm on our walks. Right now we are building an enclosure under the front of the fifth wheel which will be tarped in to keep some more cold out and to store the bicycles. Some other campers have built a temporary sheltered porch at the door to keep the wind from whistling in every time.

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2 comments on “Getting ready for winter”

  1. The blog is looking good so far Ruth. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Boscoe looks so cute sitting in that chair!

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